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Plug-In 10 Screw Assembly Solderless Breadbrd Kit Qty 1 for EASY CONNECT..NEW
10 Screw Terminal Solderless Breadboard Plug In Assy Kit Quantity 1 #400096 ( Requires Soldering ) There qty 1 Kit in this lot. (Breadboard not included. Available in our store) 10 Pins .1SP Connect Wires to your solderless breadboard easily and neatly with this 10 terminal plugin assy Wir ...  More
NIST calibration of this Wirescope. (this is for service of YOUR equipment.)
Professional HP/Agilent Wirescope 350 - Calibration Only NIST Traceable Calibration with Calibration Certificate and Cal Label. Calibration Provided by Certified Professional Laboratory in Medford Oregon PMEL Trained Technicians Who Understand Electronics We Provide Fast Turn Around in as ...  More

Keithley STA 08 Screw Terminal Accessory
STA-08: The STA-08 provides one 37-pin D-type male connector for hook up to the DAS-800. All signals are routed to labeled screw terminal connections. The digital I/O lines are connected to 7 LEDs to indicate their status. A small breadboard area with power is provided. Dimensions: 5.2L 6. ...  More

Keithley 7999-5 16-Channel RS-232 Relay Controller
INTERFACE: RS-232 control (9600 baud, 8 data, 1 stop). Response terminator selectable (CR, LF, CRLF, LFCR). ENVIRONMENT: Operating: 0 to 40C, up to 35C <80% RH. Storage: 25 to 65C. POWER CONSUMPTION: 7.3W. WARRANTY: 1 year. EMC: Conforms with European Union Directive 89/336/EEC, FCC par ...  More
National Instruments (NI) Breadboard Module SCXI-1181
Click Here. Double your traffic. Get Vendio Gallery - Now FREE! National Instruments (NI) Breadboard Module SCXI-1181 National Instruments (NI) Breadboard Module MODEL # SCXI-1181 # 776572-81 Easy, compact, and rugged integration with SCXI chassis and system Used with the SCXI-1310 and SCX ...  More

National Instruments BNC-2140 BNC Signal Conditioning Accessory
NI / National Instruments BNC-2140 BNC Signal Conditioning AccessoryModel: BNC-2140 Part Number: 184777G-01 Serial Number: 112FBA2 Manufacturer: National Instruments Description: The National Instruments BNC-2140 is a signal conditioning accessory specifically designed for use with a dynam ...  More
Texas Instruments CBL System Calculator Based Laboratory Data Acquisition Probes
They are in great condition.
Novellus Multi Bus 19-123 90-852-01 Board
Novellus Multi Bus 19-123 90-852-01 BoardUsedSTORE LOCATION ED1B2C Absolute ABSOLUTE has used its best efforts to inspect the item(s) for sale, create descriptions and furnish photographs that fairly and adequately depict the visual condition of the item at the time of sale. We will perfor ...  More
HP Agilent 17401A/001 Plug-In
HP Agilent 8807A Ac/DCConverter P/I
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